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Jaspreet says about the surname Raina Who are rance in sikh community? please advise
Comment was made 2 days ago
Mary says about the surname Essue I am Indian and my father was a Jamaican Indian with the surname of Essue. When he was alive, I asked him the origin of our last name and he said it was Kashmiri. He was very fair skinned, as was his father.
Comment was made 23 days ago
Sai says about the surname Kasba Hello Rakesh kasba ....Iam sai Kiran kasba from Hyderabad....7988004783 my mobile number plz contact
Comment was made 1 month ago
Moazzam says about the surname Khan butt i know many families residing in punjab, Pakistan using Khan as surname and they are migrated from Kashmir. many families were taken this surname, as they were not qualified to take land owner ship or doing jobs outside kashmir and in punjab and other parts of indian sub continent. many families when converted to Islam given up surnames like; pandit and preferred adopting name like Khan, shaikh,Malik and so on, which were common in muslim community. many families when converted took same name after their peers.Professor Ghulam Akbar Malik finding is that Butt and Bhatti are the sons of one raja some Salhivan???
Comment was made 2 months ago
Moazzam says about the surname Bhat one can not completely rule out links mentioned by Tallal Butt, as when you go around take a visit to thickly connected vallies lying within the mountainous surrounding of swat, including gilgit,sakardu,mansehra,abbottabad and many other places sahring boarders from north of Pakistan with Afghanistan, there are many places with the names starting with Butt,khawaja,mir. butt are in great numbers living in Pakistan and mostly are migrated from Kashmir valley and this migration took place over centuries. religion can be any but its a fact, butt are brave,intelligent,hardworking and have great love for food. it is very difficult to make them subject and hardly will accept suppression from any quarter.hindu also admit that butt or bhutt are brahmins so they must have highly been respected in any era and society which comprises over hindu majority. in islam conversion by mean of force is forbidden. in kashmir muslim scholars played a big role in conversion, as there is an appeal for all walks of life, as there is no discrimination in Islam on the basis of caste, creed and religion and all human beings are taught to be treated as "Equal".
Comment was made 2 months ago
Rajesh Sharma says about the surname Sharma i am Rajesh Sharma from Sangrur district of punjab[India]. my gotra is Maudgil Davesar
Comment was made 2 months ago
Maleecha Kashmiri Butt says about the surname Bhat Original Kashmiris were called Malechha people in Mahabharata and other puras of Hindus. They were clubbed together with other Malechha races of the north west sub-continent like Darada, Kamboja etc. We Kashmiri Butt are proud descendants of the Malechha Kashmiris related to Daradas and Kambojas. I am proud to have pure blood of Maleechha Kashmiris.
Comment was made 2 months ago
Sumit Tikoo says about the surname Tikku Hello tikoo guys
Comment was made 2 months ago
Aadil Rahman says about the surname Waza Kashmiri waza orgin
Comment was made 3 months ago
Aadil Rahman says about the surname Raina I am kashmiri waza what is my orgin
Comment was made 3 months ago