Surname first submitted by: Seema (H) Kachru
Mohit says History and originThe Jogi are followers ofyogaan Ascetic Warriors orJogiKshatriyawhose Gotra(lineage origin) is LordShivahimself a God of War and he is the Clan Deity (Kuladevata) of them. As followers of yoga, they traditionally wear saffron-colored clothing. They are basically Religious Protector (Dharmrakshak), They are Warriors with the motto "fight but not to gain for self". They represent their Lineage origin(Gotra) LordShivaWhere Weapon (Shastra or Astra) and Knowledge (Shaastra) are seen together. Undoubtedly this is the reason for their economical decline as compared to other Kshatriyas.

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Arvindsharma says Who is a jogi

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