Surname first submitted by: Seema (H) Kachru
QksyjkHiACK says Lubos: Let me ask you what shall the formula for the raudis of a blackhole in 3D spacetime look like? Gravity in 3D is very problematic. If you integrate from infinite distance away, the gravitational potential at any finit distance is always negative infinity. This may not be a problem for the classical Newtonian gravity, but is a big trouble for General Relativity, because GR is based on the equivalence principle, and gravity energy itself also gravitates. So if you have negative infinite gravitational energy, then even point becomes a blackhole, and any circle you draw becomes an event horizon. There is no meaningful metric equation you can write down. So GR is in big trouble if the spacetime is 3D.One has to realize, like Einstein did, that gravitation is NOT a force. But rather, gravitation is a pure geometric effect. As such, gravity is something related to some unique geometric things that exists only in 4D spacetime.

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