Surname first submitted by: Sandeep Durani
QZ7WrcFE says This looks more like an online chat than a blog. ;-)I don't know enoguh about the consensus, you certainly know more about GW than me, but shorter and colder winters has been declared to happen here (North Europe), which is why your comments look like GW to me.Also, a transitional feedback system often has higher min/max events.GW is a global warming trend, but the cause seems to be defined as human effects of some sorts. Does it exist? Thats the debate, definitive evidence are sorely lacking.Is it bad if it exists? It could be! It will speed up species extinction (drive riskful or impossible migration between habitat patches), cause more sickness and parasite outbreaks, and move coastlines and farm lands, et cetera.After the transition period it will eventually be fine, but if the above costs are balanced by whatever gains business-as-ususal gains are not clear to me. What is clear to me is that the personal risk to be involved in sicknesses and weather catastrophs are increased. :-(

Comment was made 3 years ago
Ashok Kumar Chirvi says Our forefathers were scattered in various places in Srinagar,Kashmir; mostly in Fateh Kadal,Gankhan,Chhattabal and Nowhatta. I am decendent of the one of the renouned bussinessman father Shri Sham lal Chirvi who owned clinics in Srinagar under the name "Doctors Inn" at Fateh Kadal and Gankhan.We stayed put at Srinagar upto 1991 when mass migration of community took place from the valley. While my father is living at Talab Tillo, Jammu: I am residing at Delhi. One of my daughters is with US based Agilent Technologies the other one is persuing PHd as Research assistant in University of Texas at Arlington,USA. Ashok kumar Chirvi IA&AS-Retired on 30 April 2010

Comment was made 8 years ago

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