Surname first submitted by: Seema (H) Kachru
Zqf8uoCMQML says Could you be more specific? I thoguht I was clear enough in my previous posts. I never mentioned Nasar in my previous remarks, it was GW, so why to you bring that up?But since you need some specifics, here are some excerpts/passages/samples that I would edit. All that can be true, all that could have indeed happened, but it's not the way one writes about. I wouldn't write that way.===========page 33: "It was a surprising question for me to ask..." etcpage 36: regarding that he did like 38, last paragraph, depending on how interpret from 39, second paragraph: while the rest of the mob read popular books, he read 40: "Having no office..." 42: "I was pleased to have finally contributed to the great body of mathematics, but I didn't feel as if what I'd done was specially noteworthy. I was still searching for a way to truly make my mark."page 47: "At the risk of sounding immodest..."page 53: "We had thus settled a major question in geometry that had been debated for decades. But that was not the end of the story."page 57: "...most physicists thoguht it was true (as they kept bringing it up at their conferences, year after year)." And then:page 58: "Relying on our geometric intuition in turn, Schoen and I then managed to succeed where physicists had previously failed."page 63: "This was a purely mathematical discovery about objects whose existence would soon be confirmed by observation."page 63: "... what we believe to be the first rigorous mathematical proof of a long-standing black-hole problem."page 77: "I consider myself fortunate..." until end of 80: "From this sprang the work I've become most famous for."page 80: "For me the conjecture was almost inescapable: Just about every road I pursued in my early investigations of curvature led to it."page 105: "... it's rare for a single conference to change the course of your career. Twice."page 105:" I was told that by virtue of this work, I'd made a big contribution do the conference, and afterward I felt quite proud of myself".page 109: "... the sort of equation that had never been solved before. Even though no one had previously managed to solve a problem of this exact type..." etcpage 112: paragraph beginning in "So in the end..." ... "It was still incredibly difficult", etc, then page 115 last 119: paragraph on "Turned out to be pretty magical".page 120:, last phrase.Etc.

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Ru says it is said that kashmiris never used doble t (TT) in bhat surname to distinguish themselves from gujjus & others.then why now?

Comment was made 11 years ago

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