Surname first submitted by: Sunny Pandita
UxovHQFh5 says Hey, that's the grtatese! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

Comment was made 3 years ago
3qt9ThVp says May HBM grow up to be an efficient Patchwork Autocrat and ruhslets agent of International Jewry.but this definitely seems a data point in favor of at least one continuous strain of WASP progressivism of indigenous origin.1) I'd say progressivism is more Protestant in origin than particular to Anglo-Saxonry.2) Moldbug is still wrong to single out American progressivism as the origin of postWWII European leftism.Protestant Progressivism and European socialist movements evolved independently of one another, albeit there has been quite a bit of cross-pollination over the past three decades or so.For one thing, if the progressive movement created post WWII leftism in Europe then how does MM account for the fact that the EU elites are more leftist than American elites?That's like saying a plane that gets hijacked is part of one continuous strain of the original pilot's intention.May I ask who you think it was who hijacked WASP progressivism?

Comment was made 3 years ago

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