Surname first submitted by: Anita Kachroo
Ash says Wali, as surname or last name, is used by some Kashmiri Pandits, whose saintly ancestor received the title Wali from the Mughal Emperor ruling Kashmir during the ancestor's time.

Comment was made 3 years ago
Ashwani Kaul says To the anonymous poster before me - If you would have read what the main page said - "This field being Yes does NOT imply that all Raina's are Kashmiri, it just says that some Raina's are Kashmiri" Similarly - Not all Wali's are Kashmiri, but some Wali's are kashmiri. No one is trying to prove anything here - this site just collects surnames and facts or stories about them. Please do not use inflammatory language like this here.

Comment was made 15 years ago

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