Surname first submitted by: Ramesh Mattoo
R.C.Raina says Mr. Rakesh, you are right. The Thalachoor family of Ragunath Mandir stays in Delhi. There were a few Thalachoor families staying from Purshyar to Ragunath Mandir. Mr. Gopi Nath Thalachoor at Purshyar, Sarvanand/Balbadar/Padam Nath/ Kashi Nath/Sukhdayal/Janki Nath at Drabiyar and the one you know from Ragunath Mandir is Tej Krishan who was in Police Services. I am also one of the Thalachoor, presently staying in Mumbai.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Rakesh Thaploo says Yes! this is a 100% Kashmiri Sirname. We stayed close to Roghnath mandir very close to Fateh kadal in Srinigar and we had good neighbours whose sirname was Thalchoor. I can very well coraborate this sirname. I guess that family now stays in Delhi. Hope this should put rest to all doubts. Regards Rakesh

Comment was made 16 years ago
Arun Bhat says I did hear this name, but I am not sure if it is a real last name. Can anyone else validate this?

Comment was made 16 years ago

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