Surname first submitted by: Arun Bhat
Nikhil Chadha says Ehm I must say although surnames like Suri,chadha are considered to be Punjabi but none of my entire "khandaan" had lived in Punjab for hundreds of yrs the time of partition my family came to this side from western Himalayan region spread right from Kel(PoK) to Naran(NWFP,i t is 1 mountain West to PoK)...i wonder we're mixed Himalayan people :D

Comment was made 2 years ago
Deepak Razdan says Suri is a Kashmiri Pandit Gor name. There is a caste system in the Kashmiri Pandit community, divided mainly between Gors and Karkuns.

Comment was made 6 years ago
Ajay says Suri's are kashmir origin surname which are rear and have not been in kashmir like Sharma's,Mehta's and Malhotra's.Model turned actor Suri may be from sathu and may or may not be from kashmir origin as there are so many surnames from kashmir origin which you can also see in other communities besides kashmir like Bhat,Raina,Chaudhary.This i can say because my wife's name is Dr. Meenakshi Suri so no need to say any thing more.

Comment was made 7 years ago
Seema (H) Kachru says Suri's are not KP's as far as i know, they have been in kashmir like sharma's, mehra's and malhotra's but they r not kashmiri. i know for sure coz the model turned actor suri is from Sathu and was my junior in school.

Comment was made 16 years ago

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