Surname first submitted by: Ashwani Kaul
Parul Sharma says I have met Sharmas from Assam as well. I am a Punjabi Sharma and my gotra is Bharadwaj.

Comment was made 2 days ago
Koul says Sharma's living in kishtwar(place in J&k) or (j&k) are kashmiri pandits they are bhramins. they are the purest cast in kashmiri pandit.

Comment was made 4 months ago
Koul says Sharma's living in kishtwar(place in J&k) or (j&k) are kashmiri pandits pundits they are bhramins. they are the purest cast in kashmiri pandit.

Comment was made 4 months ago
Rajesh Sharma says i am Rajesh Sharma from Sangrur district of punjab[India]. my gotra is Maudgil Davesar

Comment was made 9 months ago
SANDEEP SHARMA says I'm Sandeep sharma My gotra is sandilya and I'm from uttarpradesh.. I'm ambiguity about my origin..... please help

Comment was made 10 months ago
Atul Sharma says Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is not a kashmiri but from Jammu region. He is a dogra.

Comment was made 1 year ago
Sham Raj Sharma says I am from Pakistan

Comment was made 2 years ago
Rahul Sharma says I am a sharma ie. Rahul Sharma and I am a bhumihar Brahman from Bihar. And ya my gotra is kasyap..

Comment was made 3 years ago
Rajeev says Kashmiris that have Sharma as there surname are mostly Brahmins ,the purest caste in the kashmiris

Comment was made 3 years ago
Raj Pandit says Namaskar Mahara In fact the founding author of the Kashmiri Pandit almanac (Vijayeshwar Panchang)was none other than Jyotishi Aftab Sharma (1887-1966), a native Kashmir Pandit. Any KP worth their salt buys a copy of this almanac as an essential part of the Bharun thali used in the KP New Year Puja (Navreh). Every copy of the Vijayeshwar Panchang has a picture of Pandit Aftab Sharma on the back of the front cover.

Comment was made 5 years ago
Chandan Sharma says Sharma is vry common surname which every brahman can use , but a lot of kashmiri brahmans are also have the same surname "SHARMA", But it doesn,t mean tht only kashmiri brahmans can use Sharma , A non Kashmiri can also be a Sharma. As i am a kashmiri Brahman and i use Sharma as my surname . but a lot of my frnds who are not kashmiri are also useing the same surname .

Comment was made 6 years ago
Anita Sharma says i myself is a "sharma"...but not a kashmiri pandit....infact i belong to pathankot(punjab).....but i have an ambiguity regarding my origin....if ur website cud help me clear "gotra"(clan)is "kashyap"....n it s a known fact that kashyaps had first originated in some himalayan regions in kashmir..... so....if cud help me trace back the origins of people belonging to "kashyap" clan....

Comment was made 8 years ago
Ashok says Shiv Kumar Sharma is from Jammu - he is NOT a kashmiri

Comment was made 8 years ago
Rohan says Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma(Renowned Santoor Vadak)is himself a 'Sharma' & is a renowned Kashmiri Pandit. 'Sharma' though is a common sirname used by Brahmins in North India however some people whose actual sirname is not Sharma also use it as a sign of common popular brahmin sirname.

Comment was made 9 years ago
Deepak Sharma says my father, col. krishan kumar took on the surname sharma, and i have followed the grandfather's name was Pandit durga nath (police officer,settled and died in sialkot,pakistan] and my greatgrandfather's Dr.Bhagwandas (personal physician to the then maharaja of j&k). we belonged to kashmir but unfotunately there are no elders to refer to regarding my original surname. iam requesting your website to try and find out the same.

Comment was made 10 years ago
Dr Raj Pandit says Sharma is a title common to all Brahmins throughout the various regions of India.It is a fact that some Kashmiri Pandits use the title Sharma as part of their name!

Comment was made 14 years ago
Ashwani Kaul says I had a Sharma teacher - spoke Kashmiri, but I doubt if he was Kashmiri

Comment was made 16 years ago
Seema says Sharma's are not KP's as far as i know, but i may be wrong.

Comment was made 16 years ago

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