Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Kaul
Ms. Priyanka Razdan says Razdan's are original Kashmiri Brahmins.... so others please doubt on ur own identity...

Comment was made 7 years ago
Dr. Aslam Wani says Kashmiri Brahmins go by their Gotras based on Aryan Rishis of their origin. The titles are just picked up as nicknames. Thus 11 families is correct.

Comment was made 7 years ago
R.k.razdan says i think razdan's are the only one who have not changed with the time, ( history is reference )

Comment was made 7 years ago
Sandeep says Jessica- There WAS a time in history when it is said there were only 11 families left in Kashmir - mostly due to overzealous and forcible conversion to Islam. Some of them converted back and as you can see many kashmiri names are based on some action or object associated with a person. The proliferation was natural.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Jessica Bhan says I had been told that there were 11 pandit families of kashmir and am suprised to see so many surnames.I am confused.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Shanoo Razdan says Razdan's are very a synonym for a kashmiri pandit.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Ashwani Kaul says The purpose of being 100% kashmiri means - "are you sure Razdan's are Kashmiri ?" - The answer to that question is yes. Is every Razdan a Kashmiri - No.

Comment was made 16 years ago
Ash Razdan says I have read about some non-kashmaris in India who have RAZDAN as the last name. I don't believe that the surname is 100% kashmiri.

Comment was made 16 years ago

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