Surname first submitted by: Ashwani Kaul
Sanjay Raina (Qazi) says Shashank is right. Qazi is a titular surname conferred on the basis of the profession (judicial) adopted over generations by Kashmiri Pandits having different surnames such as Raina, etc. My grandfather, Sh. Dina Nath had this titular surname, Qazi, on records. I love it for it reflects my roots in Kashmir, and represents the professional identity of my forefathers. Kudos indeed ! to and Mr. Ashwani Kaul for this excellent forum.

Comment was made 3 years ago
Shashank Qazi says i am a kashmiri pandit and my surname is Shashank Qazi. its quiet weird but the only fact i know from my parents is that it was a title that was given to our fore fathers who were judge(qazi in urdu). the best part is that people get confused and i love it.

Comment was made 5 years ago
Aryan Kamozi says During the fierce Islam onslaught in Kashmir, many hindus took up muslim names. Many hindus took up the name Qazi to avoid persecuation

Comment was made 9 years ago
Ashwani Kaul says Yes - this is a surname for both hindus and muslims in Kashmir

Comment was made 15 years ago
Rajeev Singh says is this a hindu name cuz i saw a guy on this site named Sanjeev Qazi

Comment was made 15 years ago

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