Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Dhar
Nikhil says Even I have the same surname (or better said HAD this surname). But we stated writing Sharma 2 generations back.As told by my father we were from Kashmir however were settled close to Sialkot in Pakistan(Erstwhile Punjab) during the Mughal Era.

Comment was made 3 years ago
Deepak says Hello friends, I am Deepak and have been living in New Delhi, have our ancestral home in Banga (Punjab),As told by our ancestors we are Kashmiri Pundits of 'Pattu' surname believe to be descendants of Atri Rishi, and our forefather must have migrated centuries ago from the valley, probably from the Anantnaag region and most surely due to atrocities drawn towards kashmiri pundits by Mughals (Aurangzeb),and to avoid conversion; proud to be a Kashmiri pundit & really pray to pray Bholay Shankar to shower peace and prosperity to the most devine place on this planet, let the peace prevail and Kashmir returns to its glorious past of abundant splendour and righteousness. Really felt the touch of brotherhood and oneness on sharing my side of story among my brothers & sisters. Love to hear from rest of us, Love Kashmir forever Let our community (Kashmiri) grows strong Let peace prevails. Om Namah Shivayah ! Cheers Deepak...!

Comment was made 3 years ago

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