Surname first submitted by: Anil Kaul
Nikhil Kaul says I dont know much about phalwans but my grand mother told me that our ancestor was wrestler my great great grand father name was thak ur ram phalwan my great grandfather name was madhav ram phalwan my grand father name was shambunath kaul

Comment was made 4 years ago
Shabir says i had a friend from pahalwan family from sathu bar bar shah sgr. namely sunil.he used to say they were from safapora actually.

Comment was made 8 years ago
R.C.Raina says I am married in PAHALWAN family who are originally from Manasbal. His grandfather's name is Mahadev and father's name is Som Nath. Though they now write Bhat as their surname but they are from the Pahalawan family of Manasbal. I visited Manasbal twice with my wife in 2004 and 2006, we had a shikara ride both the time and the locals there recognised my wife. I am myself from a Thalachoor family. I have given the details as to how the nick name came. But I would love to know how this Pahalwan surname is there.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Varun Pahalwan says Thanks Sanjay Ji for this important information. If possible please send me your Maternal Family tree, to correlate the same with our family tree. Regards, Varun Pahalwan 09300054024

Comment was made 8 years ago
Sanjay Kaul Partazi says My mother is from phalwans.Phalwan's are basically kaul's. My mother's Great Grandfather was a phalwan(wrestler), it is said that no one in the whole kashmir valley could challange him . A famous wrestler visited kashmir to challange him but his dream was also shattered,after that people started calling him phalwan & the same became the surname.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Rohit Pahalwan says keep it up varun bhaiya lets hope all our distinct relatives come in ur database may be there could be a family reunion

Comment was made 8 years ago
Varun Pahalwan says Yes I am Agreed with Ashutosh Pahalwan, but some of Pahalwans are using other surnames too like Kaul/Shivpuri/kashmiri/Pandit etc even I found some of Muslims those who are using this surname Donít not how and why. (Om Shivpuri/ Shobha Shivpuri/Ritu Shivpuri are also from Pahalwan Family) But basically In Kashmir all the Pahalwans are belongs to one family, as this one is not a basic surname this is a titel which was received from Mughals to our ancestors. Hope you all must be agreed with me that the surnames which we all are using in our kashmiri Community they are basically our nik names and later on these are treated as surnames, which currently we are using. I am just trying to recollect the history of Pahalwans please send me all the details if you have, currently I have list of 160 persons those how are using Pahalwan Suname and a list of around 100 persons those who change their surname from Pahalwan to Shivpuri. Here I am also using word MaybeÖ Maybe all the Pahalwans are from one family I it would be really a proud moment for us if we could found our ancestors details/history. Regards, Varun Pahalwan 0 93000 54024

Comment was made 8 years ago
Ashtosh Pahalwan says Pahalwan is a Kashmiri surname from Manasbal,Safapore. I belong to it, and am surprised someone has put a 'maybe' on it. Kindly correct the above. Ashtosh Pahalwan ..(not the same one as above gentleman Ashutosh Kaul)

Comment was made 9 years ago
Aneeta Kaul says even artist gokul dembi's mother also belonged to the zaagirdar family of Pahalwans belonging to Safapore village.

Comment was made 11 years ago
Rohitpahalwan says yeh my surname is pahalwan,and im a kashmiri so its not 100% kashmiri since muslims also use this surname!

Comment was made 12 years ago
Ashutosh Kaul says Pahalwan is a kashmiri surname. My family which is originally from SAFAPORE village is known as Pahalwans. Some members use this surname, others use Kaul.

Comment was made 12 years ago

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