Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Dhar
Ramesh Kumar Miya says Miya's were basically Kashmiri Brahmin original surname Iickoo. Every year celebrating Tick Chorum. One of the Miya family also lived in Safa Kadal Others at Rainawari in one mohalla called Miya mohalla in Kocha Nidan Rainawari. It is said that one of our forefathers long back was in customs. In kashmiri language miya (meey) is related to collection of custom duty in the form of lagaan. The people in those times were fleeing on seeing meey in their village. This meey changed into Miya.

Comment was made 4 years ago
Auri says I'm married into a wonderful Kashmiri family called Miya (of Rainawari). Any more info about the origins of this surname would be great! I'm told this was a title, whilst the original surname is Kaul.

Comment was made 8 years ago

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