Surname first submitted by: Arun Bhat
Dr.Rachit Magazine says proud of being the decendents of the MAGAZINE DYNASTY.---

Comment was made 5 years ago
Atul Magazine says All about the Magazines at

Comment was made 14 years ago
Roop Kishen Magazine says The surname is basically Magazine and not Magzine. We are actually “DATATREYIA KUALS. ” My great grandfather Pandit Raj Kaul of ZAINDAR MOHALLA, Habakadal; Srinagar was in Maharaja of Kashmir's services, and in charge of Army Magazine stores. In appreciation of his good work he was conferred the title of "MAGAZINE" by the Maharaja. Since then Pandit Raj Kaul was known as Pandit Raj Kaul Magazine. Even his descendants inherited the same surname. His sons are also known as Pandit Gwash Kaul Magazine, Pandit Lachman Kaul Magazine and so on. However, his great grand sons (My self being one amongst them) write only Magazine as a surname, as I write my name Roop Kishen Magazine instead of Roop Kishen Kaul Magazine. This is 100% authentic statement of mine being Pandit Raj Kaul Magazine's living descendant.

Comment was made 16 years ago

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