Surname first submitted by: Anita Kachroo
Saqib Khan says Idk about my ancestors but I just know that I grew up in kashmir. And my family is here in Kashmir . They say that our ancestors belonged from Islamabad .

Comment was made 6 months ago
Moazzam says butt i know many families residing in punjab, Pakistan using Khan as surname and they are migrated from Kashmir. many families were taken this surname, as they were not qualified to take land owner ship or doing jobs outside kashmir and in punjab and other parts of indian sub continent. many families when converted to Islam given up surnames like; pandit and preferred adopting name like Khan, shaikh,Malik and so on, which were common in muslim community. many families when converted took same name after their peers.Professor Ghulam Akbar Malik finding is that Butt and Bhatti are the sons of one raja some Salhivan???

Comment was made 9 months ago
Tariq Ahmed says @moazzam khan: it is not a native kashmiri name. Its definitely not a Pandit name. It has been wrongly included here.

Comment was made 1 year ago
Tariq Ahmed says @ Moazzam Khan: It is from afgan migrants.

Comment was made 1 year ago
Moazzam Khan says Kashmir sharing borders and being close to central asia, Afghanistan,Persia and migration from turkey, families holding big land ownership keeping title of Khan, like in Punjab, land loards as known as Chaudhry,jaat,Mian. still to this date in central asia, turkey , families with surname Khan are those who are from the landlord families. they are mostly Aryans.

Comment was made 1 year ago

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