Surname first submitted by: Anil Kaul
Ashwani Harkara says Dear Sunil, My Name is Ashwani Harkara and I come from Harkar or Harkara Kashmiri Pandit Family from Kashmir (India). Firstly to my understanding Harkar surname in kashmir is associated with limited number of families and all of them used to live in Malayar near ganpatyar Srinager Kashmir. In addition to these there were some more families in Baramula Srinagar kashmir and one on Habbakadal Srinagar Kashimir. Now regarding orgin/history there are various interpretations but for our family it seems to have originated beacause of over ancestors association/service with/in police department. During Afghan rule in Kashmir Police depatment was addressed as Harkara bashi. In History of Kashmiri pandit (by Jia lal Kalam) you will he has mentioned Vas Kak Harkara and it is said he is one ancestor of harkara's living in Kashmir. There is another book by and english author where this name is associted with people working in police department. Also in some of our old family documents I have seen name of my great grand father as Shiv jee Bhat Harkara. So Harkar/Harkara in ganpatyar srinagar kashmir have originally BHAT surname. Therefore it can be concluded that because our ancestors served in police department since long time and during afghan rule police department was addressed by harkara bashi. Family members serving in police got nice named by Harkara/Harkar. With time our original surname got dropped and family started to be more recognised as harkara/Harkar. Hope this throughs some light. I am planning a website for Harkara/Harkar family of Ganpatyar it will take some time before it gets active. Please feel free to get in touch if you need any further clarification. Good luck

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Sunil Harkar says it is 100% authentic

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