Surname first submitted by: Sudeep Gurkhoo
Tej Gurkhoo\ Tikoo says iwould like to add here is that gurkhoo is not a surname but a nick name we are actually kouls as can be ascertained by the statesubject certificates nd other related certificates of our grand father\elder uncle wherein it is written as Pt shanker koul[gurkhoo] nd Pt.ved lal koul [gurkhoo]respectively.The nick name [gurkhoo] was added when our grand parents shifted to thier new residence in another locality in Alikadal which was looked after till then by a watchman who was a gorkha as Sudeep has mentioned above and we being new to that locality people would recognise uus easily by gorkha instead of kouls

Comment was made 7 years ago
Abhinav Gurkhoo says hi sudeep i agree with u tottally!

Comment was made 13 years ago
SUdeep Gurkhoo says Well, I have this surname and I can say that it is a 100% Kashmiri surname, Background as i heard from my grandfather was that we had kept a "gorkha" as watchman/help in our home.

Comment was made 13 years ago

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