Surname first submitted by: Ashwani Kaul
Q5NJbG9ckgQw says Runtime backend sithcwing has been removed What does this mean in practise? The removal of the Phonon backend kcm under system settings?Is there any activity on Phonon HTML5 plugin for qt/kdewebkit or has it been competely abandoned?Are there any plans to bring backend settings avaible to Phonon in some way, like filtering and subtitle modifications?If I recall correctly Phonon now supports webcam and mic input, is there any plans to make use of this functionality? Last time I heard any discussion on the matter Phonon was discarded in favour of QtGstreamer ( KDE Telepathy Call and Kamoso).Thanks

Comment was made 3 years ago
Sharika Prashad Dembi says Dembi is a nick name the Koul family got from the place of an island (demb) where the Koul got settled at Mengan Mohalla, Kralyar, Rainawari Srinagar Kashmir . Even today some of this family has retained Koul as their surname where many has taken the nickname Dembi as their surname .

Comment was made 4 years ago

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