Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Dhar
NC1mAtv2Q says Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kndgweole. Sinful?

Comment was made 3 years ago
I3wRX7bT0 says I think some people sugtrgle even with just being alone. It takes a lot of confidence and self awareness to be okay with it with not feeling insecure because you're by yourself in a restaurant, for example. I got a lot more used to it when I moved away from hme and with running my own business .you're on our own a lot. It's a valuable skill to have and I think it makes you so much more stable and well rounded. I bet traveling alone would actually be a really fun and rewarding experience! When you travel with someone else, you're less likely to be open to meeting new people.

Comment was made 3 years ago
A Kaul says This is not a real last name - it is a 'lakab' - to differentiate between two contemporary and famous individuals with the same name. One lived in Chattabal (near Karan Nagar) - hence the differentiation - Chattabali. It was never used officially by that person or his descendants. Any disagreements are welcome.

Comment was made 15 years ago

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