Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Dhar
TPTa6zvC2 says Try Sufi dancing. It is truly wodunrfel. And this from a person who thinks exercise anathema.____Baron, I have a few quibbles with your version of Christian theology --e.g., "charity" is only one form of Christian love. The truest, highest form is "agape." But that's the diff between the Latin crew and the Greeks,hmm?Also, the roles in the Church are not supposed to be "assigned." Historically (and I mean old, as in way back) what you did was assigned by God -- it was a charism, not a role you picked.An associated idea, that one was called to a vocation, was the underpinning of my childhood, but it's on the trash heap now.Now, people, particularly the youong, are frozen by the plethora of choices -- and have no structure from which to choose based on what their contribution is supposed to be -- ie, what they are called out to do.I love your fisking of "jihad." It certainly doesn't bear close scrutiny does it?Since the final theology of any religion rests on its concept of deity, is it any wonder that Islam is so harsh? Allah is simply a black lump, a moon god who waxes and wanes but with whom there is no dialogue, no hope of appeal. Like a malign Bedouin sheik. Like a merciless caliph, the executed bodies of his subjects piled up outside the gates. Quelle surprise!

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