Surname first submitted by: Ashwani Kaul
MO03reOKk says mmmm looks yummy.btw, can you recommend a good koeran restaurant? maybe even do a post about them my friend is coming into town in a couple weeks and we want to have some koeran food!g

Comment was made 3 years ago
Nathji says Bhan is an ancient Kashmiri surname. I am a Kashmiri Pandit. Sad we were displaced from our native lands. I guess that's how the world goes.

Comment was made 4 years ago
Arshad Bhan says My last name is bhan, and this is my surname...

Comment was made 5 years ago
Yash Bhan says My name is Yash Bhan and I am a kashmiri pandit.

Comment was made 5 years ago
Shanta says I believe that "bhanu" refers to "sun" in Sanskrit. As many Kashmiris were Brahmans, "Bhan" refers to Vedic and Aryan "sun worshippers" who were of the priestly caste. This is my surname also.

Comment was made 6 years ago
Ishan says hi i want to know which title is bhan (surname) i hv one friends her title is " BHAN " ?? (region) or...

Comment was made 7 years ago
Anil Bhan says BHANs are found very rare. you will find this surname in south india also , but they are "BANS" not BHAN.

Comment was made 8 years ago
Sanjeev Bhan says My Last name is Bhan. The surname Bhan has been derived from there profession. They were Selling or Trading in Bhana (utensils)

Comment was made 8 years ago
says I have that last name!

Comment was made 11 years ago

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