Surname first submitted by: Sanjay Dhar
2yzPba2660OU says I've got my own quibbles with your unrsnetandidg of dharma. You're much better off if you use the "law" interpretation, and think of it as referring to laws of nature. The Buddha Dharma is a law of nature observed and described by Buddha, just as Newton's Laws are laws of nature observed and described by Newton.Similarly, "karma" is just "cause and effect" or "consequence". Your karma is the consquence of actions you have taken; the Buddha Dharma is a statement of the natural laws that minimize the painful consquences of your actions and thus relieve suffering.Along those lines my unrsnetandidg (with less background, I've been a Buddhist for 40 years but just an interested reader about Islam) is that jihad is "struggle", and includes spiritual struggle. (See, eg, on Google.)While the Wahhabist undestanding of the word is the way it's most widely used in the West, there really are good reasons (see, eg, "There is no compulsion in religion" Al-Qur'an: Al-Baqarah (2:256)) to believe that Wahhabism is essentially an aberrant sect.The point being, really, that if you want to make this much stew from one chicken, you'd probably want to be sure you caught your chicken.

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