Surname first submitted by: Rajni Koul
R.K.Kaul Baboo says BABU Or Baboo are kashmiri pandits residing at sathu bar-bar shah till 1990. Prsently they scatered at various places in Jammu, Delhi, Jaipur, Noida, Gawaliar, New-Zealand etc.

Comment was made 7 years ago
Riteeka Baboo says hey... i m riteeka babu.... and i am a 100% kashmiri hindu....i can share my piece of information about this great grandfathers had the surname razdan...but since they were among the first one's in d valley who used to work in british offices they came to be known as babu's!!!! isn't dat amazing?? there are very few people in kashmiri communities who share with me my surname..since past few days i have been frantically searching for the existence of my surname and some other kashmiri surnames as well!! this website is an amazing forum to know about kashmir's history!! wonderful job!!!!

Comment was made 9 years ago
Ashwani Kaul says I know a Babu family - this is a 100% kashmiri name

Comment was made 16 years ago
Anurag Harsh says I am not sure if this is 100% kashmiri. I have a couple of south Indian friend who share this surname.

Comment was made 16 years ago

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