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MzvacPu5P says I hope you can give public an awesnr what really happen and how those delinquent students will be deal with. Not sure those delinquent student parents are keep inform about their daughter act in school ??? Is it our education system facing short coming in dealing such delinquent student ?

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Sushil Kumar Kaul Arazbegi says "Arazbegi" is not a surname. This designation during the Maharaja's rule in J & K state referred to the senior officer who would present the peoples petitions(araz)to the maharaja for his consideration - in present day times it would be more like the Secretary to maharaja. The first Arazbegi was Pt. Ramji Laul & it was a mere coincidence that his second son Pt. Raja Kaul (1825 to 1900 AD)later also became an "Arazbegi" & also headed CID Police. Pt. Raja Kaul was a great literary scholar & his book of persian poetry "Diwan -e- Diary" was published by Cultural Academy, Govt. of J&K a rare collection of persian poetry eminating from Kashmir. Pt. Raja Kaul was a Chess champion of his times & besides had interests in astrology & sign languages. He invented a sign language called "Abjad". The "Arazbegi" family house is at Sathu, Barbarshah (on the bund)- this is the only arazbegi family in Kashmir & besides the one there are no other Arazbegi families in J&K . The surname of the Arazbegi family is Kaul & the gotra is "Dattatriya".

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Vkkaul says "arazbegi" is in fact a designation/post held or a title given by his highness the then maharaja of Jammu& kashmir to Pt. Raja kaul "Arazbegi" .He was private secretary and police/CID chief of then Mahraja of jammu & kashmir.In addition Pt. Raja kaul was a great persian poet , his collections can be seen under the pen name "Dairi"in J&K cultural Academy memoirs.The cultural academy has published his works "Diwan -I- Dairi" under pub no 78.His youngest son was late pt.Hari chand kaul (living at sathu barbarshah), who in fact helped in writing Diwan -i- Dairi. The family tree of Pt Raja kaul arazbegi IS RECORDED AS UNDER:- 1.Late Pt. Gopi Kishen Kaul S/O Late Pt.Hari chand kaul 2.vijey, s/o Pt. Gopi Kishen Kaul 3.sushil -do- 4.Yogesh -do- 5.Sanjay -do-

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