Surname first submitted by: Ashwani Kaul
VIkLl5XtNl7 says Thanks for writing such an eatunto-y-derssand article on this topic.

Comment was made 3 years ago
Z2c8fUOcPa says I recently reecraehsd the policy requirement in crimes against humanity which led me to your blog. I believe it is not so clear-cut whether Breivik should be charged with crimes against humanity. I want to explain something about the Norwegian penal code on this specific matter. As pointed out by some others here in the comment field, the implementation of crimes against humanity in the Norwegian penal code does not include the "policy" requirement. It is true that the international crimes provisions are in general based on the definitions given by the Rome Statute, but it was taken a decision to deviate from the Rome statute on this point.According to the Norwegian Prepatory Work (Ot.prp. nr. 8, 2007-2008) it was sent out as a question on hearing to relevant bodies in Norway whether the provision should include the "policy" requirement or not. After hearing the different views, the lawmakers decided to leave it out because they believed the policy requirement in the Rome statute does not express international customary law and is only included in the Rome statute as a result of a diplomatic compromise. (this can of course be questioned if is correct understanding of customary international law, but nevertheless this was the lawmaker's interpretation). They referred to ICTY and ICTR statutes which does not include this element and the case-law which specifically has rejected the requirement and decided that in the instances where the Rome Statute has a more narrow interpretation of the international crimes, Norway wants to follow the more wide interpretation.When it was a specific consideration by Norwegian law makers in implementing crimes against humanity in our penal code to leave out the policy requirement, do you still think that this requirement should pose an obstacle to charge Breivik for crimes against humanity? It has a clear advantage to get a judgment on crimes against humanity, since it has a range of sentencing up to 30 years instead of the usual 21 years maximum for murder. Besides, it also gives a better classification of the crime, since it is the most horrible and shocking crime in Norwegian history in peace time and judging by the international attention as well, Breivik's crimes deeply shock the conscience of humanity and fit in the category of the most serious crimes .Best Regards,Ann-Ida OstensenNorwegian Law student and LL.M in Public International Law.

Comment was made 3 years ago
Manju Aima says What ever is said by Suman Aima is what we also were told and to my views it still works. All Aimas can try.

Comment was made 7 years ago
Aditya says my great grandfather was know for his shafa with bones..

Comment was made 7 years ago
Bhupesh Aima says How can joining fractured bones make aima's out of kouls.

Comment was made 9 years ago
Suman Aima Mattoo says Aima's are well known family in Srinagar kashmir. They were great landlords. One of our ancestors was blessed with the power to join the fractured bones, thus became "aima", who were basically Kaul's.

Comment was made 10 years ago
Bhupesh says Like to know the origin if this surname

Comment was made 15 years ago

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