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Xj4RSUex says It's very helpfull.I loved this ifnromation.It's very informative.It would be far better if they would suggest some more colours.This is just a suggestion.But this is also very very very very nice.Thank you so mucccccccccccch!!!!!!!!!!11

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Narayan Adeeb says Hello, 'Adeeb' though an urdu word (is often a muslim name or surname) is also a Kashmiri surname. The lineage starts from Pt. Devi Prasad Dar who was a poet and took the 'takhallus' (title) of Adeeb and started being called Pt. Devi Prasad Dar 'Adeeb'. His son dropped Dar and wrote his name as Pt. Ram Prasad Adeeb. The famous actor of yesteryears Prem Adeeb was of the same lineage... so are Chaitanya Adeeb (TV actor) and Kamal Adeeb (character actor in films and commercials). The past couple of generations have mainly been into services. The current crop is predominantly into business and management. (Trivia: 23 generations of Adeebs are known. The webpage would give you the heredition line) Thanks

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