:: a paradise called kashmir, destroyed by people who think they are fighting a holy war ! - what kind of 'holy' war justifies killing people ? what religion permits this killing ? hypocrisy is abound, people who can't even read what their religion teaches them are killing in the name of religion, justifying murder, because god told them to kill !!.
:: the politicians will crown these murderers as kings. they are not any better than the terrorists. all they are interested in is their 'position' and the money they can swindle from a foolish indian government, who have always though that the solution to the kashmir problem was to throw money at the state !!
take a step back ...
.. and reflect on what you are trying to do - we all have one lifetime - it is too short to waste  ?
you have taken kashmir back 40 years, destroyed lives and countless futures - your own children - they don't even know what 'normal' is.
you have taken kashmir to the barbaric times that were full of ignorance, so that your religious leaders can rule a bunch of ignorant fools like you.